Time flies? 

Time just flies. Really? How come I have not seen it flying. Not moving an inch. Not just once. Have you?  I have watched everything else flying  Earth, Sun, Moon, Trees and birds. You, me, him and her.  Child turns in old, plant turns into a tree. Tommorow turns into yesterday. Life turns into a… Continue reading Time flies? 


I am Not Okay, You are Not Okay and That’s Okay.

Each of us are not happy with what we have. No one is 100%. And That’s Okay. As long as we are giving our best that’s okay but if we are not giving our best That’s Okay too.  It is not the problem which is causing problem, it is our relationship with the problem which… Continue reading I am Not Okay, You are Not Okay and That’s Okay.


Love is the alchemy 

Heavy heart, fiery is your mind? Slow is your walk, dragging of a sort?  Long face, like blabbering blind?  Sad is your mood, like messy distort?     Want smile, swag and leap, entwined? Flowering heart and peaceful mind? Hope passion and emotion realigned? Love is the alchemy, keep it in mind.

Poetry in Hindi

हर सुभह

हर सुभह जब आकाश खिलता है सूरज निकलता है,खुशबु भर देता है  नयी ताज़गी से मेरे ह्रदय के दरवाजे पर एक आश की थाली में, प्यार भर लाता है वह तो मेरा मन , करवट बदलकर आँखे मूंद कर, उसे जाने को कहता है हर सुभह जब कोयल मुझे जगाती है शीतल पवन के पंख… Continue reading हर सुभह


Freedom over love

Let the love be dominant, not you or me You and I have a life to live Along this short journey of life Let me hold your hand, So, I am beholden to you Let the love blossom in freedom Make dominance stay behind Let us clear our manacles Affirm each other to fly like… Continue reading Freedom over love


Heart over mind

Worry every step, the mind Hatred all the time, the mind Doubt at all, the mind Fear and dread, the mind Smile on your face, the heart Touch of a child, the heart Love in your eyes, the heart Swag in your walk, the heart Let heart rule over the mind Risk all for heart,… Continue reading Heart over mind