Shift from full time Job to Entrepreneurship

Hey friends ! To become an entrepreneur is not that difficult as we think it is. This fact is known to me only after I started my own business 4 years back.  I was in full time job for many years. Every time I use to think to leave my  full time job, I use to get sweat… Continue reading Shift from full time Job to Entrepreneurship


Birthday Resolution !

Hey Friends ! Its time for birthday resolution. My birthday is around the corner. On my last birthday I decided to become a vegetarian.(Hell I started craving for meat by end of that day itself). I am happy that I made it. except for couple of times I missed it. I lacked will power that… Continue reading Birthday Resolution !


Life’ s Good !!

Hey Friends ! LG- Life’s Good 🙂 In last few days found a treasure, literally I feel that. I came across a completely new world which was unknown to me. Zenhabits.net by Leo, Severs.org by Derek, and Minimalists.com. These three gentlemen have changed my mindset. I bought two books (kindle versions) 1) Zen to done… Continue reading Life’ s Good !!