Yes, and not may be

Life is a summation of all our experiences.  It is only experiences of life which prove that we are alive. More we experience, an intense life we live. Experiences can be of any type. Cold – hot, bad – good, bitter – sweet, safe – uncertain, thrilling – scary. All kinds of experience add life to our life. It… Continue reading Yes, and not may be


Dont blame the circumstances

Take full responsibility of your life. (don’t be shocked, I am not saying to take responsibility of other’s life). Are you over weight? Are you struggling to make money ? Are you bad in communication ? Are you struggling in your relationship ? Are you hating your job ? Start taking responsibility. What will happen ?… Continue reading Dont blame the circumstances


What happened to my anger ?

Since last few years, I rarely get angry.(I still get angry some time, so watch out). I use to be very short tempered. It could be kids or a small argument over politics, anything could trigger anger in me. Few things to be understood. (huh ! now I am talking like a swami ) Whenever our wish… Continue reading What happened to my anger ?


Slow dance

This poem is originally written by child psychologist  David L. Weatherford (This poem is for all of us who is life deferrer. Who wants to live life some day and not today and not now.) Have you ever watched kids on a  merry-go-round ?   Or listen to the rain Slapping on the ground ?… Continue reading Slow dance


7 new habits !

Since few weeks I am addicted to reading. Well, I have habit of reading since childhood but these  time it is in a new direction. This reading is bringing changes in me.  I have been thinking to write since many years. I have started writing a blog regularly, since last 6 weeks. I have been… Continue reading 7 new habits !