I love you, do you love me?

Frustration in relationship is common. Sometimes it becomes more obvious and open while in other cases it stays below the blanket for the whole life. Some complain and others suffer. Broken heart, bleeding heart, feeling of  being used and cheated. Tears and tears and some more tears, seen and unseen. Heard or unheard cry. The… Continue reading I love you, do you love me?


A small note to all women out there

You should celebrate today. You can dance you can sing. You take all sorrow of others and your own and make it go  away like  magic. You can cry and you can laugh. Although sorrow drips through corner of your eyes. You have heart full of love. Real love. A four  letter word with which… Continue reading A small note to all women out there


Door without walls ?

Yes that is what we do  everyday. We keep securing  our  doors with nice and strong locks. But where are walls ? We live in  a place where there is big  door which is locked by a strong lock but there are no walls around. We are afraid of uncertainty and hence we keep locking… Continue reading Door without walls ?