Poetry in Hindi


तुम न हो आसपास तो अधूरा सा लगता है दिल पर एक पत्थर सा हो ऐसा लगता है कैसे करू बयान किस तरह तुम छाये हो ज़िन्दगी से निकल गयी हो जान वैसा लगता है खुदा ने खुद को उतारा है ज़मीं पर तेरी रूह बनकर किस तरह मिलाया उसने मुजको मुझसे एक पत्थर पर… Continue reading एहसास


Yin and yang

Let me tell you little secrets. Please don’t tell anyone 😉 To Him It’s ok to have a slightly bigger tummy. You can use the word “slightly” to your favor ;). It doesn’t matter to her. She knows precisely when you fool her around. She is cleverer than you think. Irrespective of your apparently original stories. Her love… Continue reading Yin and yang


Unknown chase

Here I go again. Chasing unknown, perfect life ? On the move, Ignoring, overlooking Flowers on the way, Children’s chase, rising Sun Tingling breeze, Mama’s face Looking for oasis far away. Right or wrong? Good or bad? Wise or fool? Who has more? He or me? Never ending chase of more,more and more…. Here I… Continue reading Unknown chase


Half asleep

From bed to shower, half asleep I pretend to be awake, but still in hazy dream while cold water is tapping on me I have already started joining dots in my head Today will be hard on me ifs, buts, in case, what if, should be, would have been non-stop chattering keeps me busy while… Continue reading Half asleep


Attitude of gratitude !

Today’s reasons to be grateful. I am alive. I am breathing. What  on earth did I do to earn this breath? God knows. I can feel each breath. I am grateful to mother nature. I feel I am being loved. My friends and family are so generous. Despite of my flaws they keep loving me.… Continue reading Attitude of gratitude !