Freedom over love

Let the love be dominant, not you or me You and I have a life to live Along this short journey of life Let me hold your hand, So, I am beholden to you Let the love blossom in freedom Make dominance stay behind Let us clear our manacles Affirm each other to fly like… Continue reading Freedom over love


Heart over mind

Worry every step, the mind Hatred all the time, the mind Doubt at all, the mind Fear and dread, the mind Smile on your face, the heart Touch of a child, the heart Love in your eyes, the heart Swag in your walk, the heart Let heart rule over the mind Risk all for heart,… Continue reading Heart over mind


Younger self

Wherever I see, same is the scene Lip twisted down and serious face Everywhere is grievous sin Sunk in an unending race I agree, time is bad, all need help then let us begin with the self Seriousness is a disease Replace it with sincere self Our smile to reach therein It should first spur… Continue reading Younger self

Poetry · Relationship

Life companion

You are my life companion. Know it, LIFE COMPANION It won’t be only a joy ride Know it, It won’t be only smooth ride There will be rough roads Expect some speed breakers Along the way,  we will have jolts Expect some breakdowns Sometimes we will go into reverse But, I promise you, on the… Continue reading Life companion



Days pass turning into weeks,   months and years. Life is in motion. Unfolding events, one after another Few moments craved with emotions Rest unconscious, sleepy and in dreams. I, behind my eyes, stressing, To distinguish, dream in life or life in a dream. The hustle and bustle of chasing the horizon, Unaware, the boy turned… Continue reading Journey