Big deal

Its a small wish, but a big deal To be loved, cared and pampered, Traversing your way, to be noticed … More

Freedom over love

Let the love be dominant, not you or me You and I have a life to live Along this short … More

Heart over mind

Worry every step, the mind Hatred all the time, the mind Doubt at all, the mind Fear and dread, the … More

Younger self

Wherever I see, same is the scene Lip twisted down and serious face Everywhere is grievous sin Sunk in an … More

Life companion

You are my life companion. Know it, LIFE COMPANION It won’t be only a joy ride Know it, It won’t … More


Days pass turning into weeks,   months and years. Life is in motion. Unfolding events, one after another Few moments craved … More

I welcome you

Every morning a new arrival I welcome you with honor You clear me out For some new delight Sadness or … More

Grass will grow

Slow down mate, All is well You watch it or not Grass will grow

Last wish

On a dying bed, when time will halt, Dreams and desires will cease to subsist, What will be my only … More