Poetry · Relationship

Life companion

You are my life companion. Know it, LIFE COMPANION It won’t be only a joy ride Know it, It won’t be only smooth ride There will be rough roads Expect some speed breakers Along the way,  we will have jolts Expect some breakdowns Sometimes we will go into reverse But, I promise you, on the… Continue reading Life companion


Yin and yang

Let me tell you little secrets. Please don’t tell anyone 😉 To Him It’s ok to have a slightly bigger tummy. You can use the word “slightly” to your favor ;). It doesn’t matter to her. She knows precisely when you fool her around. She is cleverer than you think. Irrespective of your apparently original stories. Her love… Continue reading Yin and yang


I love you, do you love me?

Frustration in relationship is common. Sometimes it becomes more obvious and open while in other cases it stays below the blanket for the whole life. Some complain and others suffer. Broken heart, bleeding heart, feeling of  being used and cheated. Tears and tears and some more tears, seen and unseen. Heard or unheard cry. The… Continue reading I love you, do you love me?


Do I know you ? – Relationship paradox

Imagine a day when you are in a cold war with your partner. It will seem that she (I am referring here only “she” but it applies to both he and she) is not speaking to you properly, whatever she does seems just wrong and  against you. As if whole land beneath you is taken… Continue reading Do I know you ? – Relationship paradox